Interview Training

Be convincing with your language skills!

Do you need help preparing for an interview, to know how to answer those difficult questions and the best way to get that job? Then you are in the right place with LanguageMasters!

Regardless of your language, everyone can train with our experienced professionals and successfully master an interview. When you are unsure how to prepare then you can benefit from interview training with us.

With the help of role-play and video analysis, you will be prepared for your interview in just 2 hours. Contact us and see what we can do for you!

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Included in the interview training:-

Practise a natural self-presentation

Answer awkward questions and those around salary confidently

Optimise body language using video analysis

Advice on dressing suitably for the interview

Course info

Private lessons-UNO4 lessons472 CHF

Do you have any questions or requests? Then contact us today!

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