Language courses for Teens

LanguageMasters Courses for young people are structured and designed especially for young students: interactive, communicative, sophisticated and at the same time very effective.

A stimulating and pleasant learning atmosphere also makes learning easier. We will get you speaking and you can see your progress in your favourite language or subject after the first lesson. You will learn and improve the language of your choice and also meet many great international friends.

Discover the extensive and attractive offer of LanguageMasters and choose between week courses, holiday courses, group courses or private lessons! The courses can be individually designed and combined with entertaining leisure activities.

Our courses for young people take place at the following levels: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2

Teenager courses

LanguageMasters courses for Teens are held in the following languages:

German as a foreign language

French as a foreign language

Polish as a native speaker

other languages on request

English as a foreign language

French as a native speaker

Russian as a foreign language

English as a native speaker

Italian as a native speaker

Chinese as a foreign language

Course type


We provide you with learning techniques and concentration exercises that will help you to learn efficiently


We support the natural desire of the children to learn and lead them to the language in a playful, creative and age-appropriate to the way

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