Polish Courses

LanguageMasters offer an extensive range of language courses. Have you always wanted to learn Polish? Then you are in the right place with LanguageMasters!

Whether beginner or advanced, for business or pleasure, everyone can find something suitable and be assured of a fast, learning progress in a pleasant and highly motivated learning atmosphere accompanied by our top-qualified team.

In addition to the vocabulary and grammar, you will also learn about the Polish culture with cooking, baking or watching a film and have lots of fun as you learn!

group course

f2f or online

only 3-6 people

from CHF 420 per month*
  • EASY - 1 x 1.5h/week
  • LIGHT - 1 x 2h/week
  • CLASSIC - 2x1.5h/week

private UNO


CHF 120 per 60min*
  • Pack A chf 114/h
  • Pack B chf 108/h
  • Pack C chf 102/h


CHF 110 per 60 min*
  • FLEXIBLE - learn when & where it suits you
  • Pack A chf 104/h
  • Pack B chf 99/h

Pack A (from 24h), Pack B (from 48h), Pack C (from 72h)

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course information

student information

This course will teach you to understand a wide range of challenging, complex speech and texts and to speak fluently, like a native speaker.
You learn to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts.
In this course , you will expand your knowledge of German. Once this level is completed, you will be able to communicate in an independent and spontaneous way in everyday life and at work.
In this course, you will improve your German skills to communicate without difficulties! Furthermore, you will enlarge your vocabulary, learn the most common idioms and how to give your opinion, make complaints or expressing requests.
In this course, you will refresh and improve your basic skills and expand your existing knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This course will teach you to speak, write and understand more complex sentences and conversations.
In our interactive courses, you will learn quickly the basic vocabulary and grammar whilst having lots of fun. Soon you will be able to communicate, deal with simple everyday life situations and to conduct simple conversations!
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